Before and After


Complete overhaul

This flower bed was abandoned for some time. The new homeowners wanted a complete makeover. Project details include full weed removal and adding commercial grade weed fabric, hedge and tree trimming, remove and replace sinking retaining wall, add mulch and plants throughout. 


Weeding and plant removal. 

Removal of all plant matter, add new mulch and weed fabric. 



New flower bed installation

Customer wanted an easy maintenance bed and to regain some front lawn space. We took the bed in toward the house with this elegantly curved flower bed and added hydrangeas. This bed also received a border and decorative egg rock for a fresh look. 



This flower bed was overgrown with weeds and plants. We thinned out the excess plants for balance and defined the bed for a new, clear shape. Some fresh mulch for a finishing touch. 

BEFORE: Improperly installed retaining walls can begin to bow out, sag and eventually become destroyed. 

AFTER: We completely tore down this wall and were able to make the necessary corrections before rebuilding it.